Revolution in plastics processing with GC pro 2745 BO 10LP41

Significant cycle time reduction, improved CO2 balance and considerable energy savings thanks to innovative biomaterial.

The technical biomaterial GC pro 2745 BO 10LP41 sets new standards in plastics processing. At last year's Arburg Technology Days, this innovative material was successfully used for the 6-part carrier and presented on the "Hybrid ALLROUNDER 920 H with MULTILIFT V40" machine. The results speak for themselves.

Advantages for plastics processing

By using GC pro 2745 BO 10LP41, the cycle time was significantly reduced from 54 seconds with standard PP to just 30 seconds. This corresponds to a production increase of around 80 %. This remarkable result was achieved thanks to the perfect coordination between the Arburg machine with a standard 60 mm screw and the Haidlmair mould. 

Efficiency has been optimised and the environmental balance sheet also shows significant improvements. The CO2 footprint has been reduced from 1.6 (CO2 equivalent) with standard PP to 1.2 (CO2 equivalent). With the choice of GC pro 2745 BO 10LP41 based on recycled material, the CO2 footprint could even be reduced to a remarkable 0.8 (CO2 equivalent).

Another advantage of the GC pro 2745 BO 10LP41 is the energy saving. While the 6-ply carrier with standard PP has to be processed at approx. 225 °C, 180 °C is sufficient for the GC pro biomaterial. This means an energy saving of 45 °C, which not only reduces operating costs, but also makes a further contribution to sustainability.

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Are you ready for a more efficient future?

The use of GC pro 2745 BO 10LP41 therefore not only offers considerable ecological benefits, but also significant improvements in production technology. With this advanced biomaterial, Golden Compound is setting a new standard in plastics processing and making an active contribution to a more sustainable future.

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