S²PC® – Fiber Compounds
from sunflower fibers

Product Selection Guide

S²PC is a range of compounded solutions based on sunflower fibers that are designed to offer customers performance and processability over a broad range of applications and markets. Materials have been optimized for injection molding application areas requiring easy processing, impact resistance or stiffness. An overview of different properties is given in Figure 1 and 2.

The market is constantly searching for new and better materials to replace conventional plastics. Replacement materials must meet or even surpass current performance levels in function of the application. In addition such materials must fulfil a variety of other criteria as well, for example enabling weight reduction or easier processability. They should serve to reduce overall system costs. Finally, they must contribute directly to more environmental sustainable solutions.

Sunflower Fibers

Introducing Sunflower Fibers into plastics, Golden Compound has developed a range of materials that fits the above mention requirements. Different compounds have successfully replaced PP, mineral filled PP, glass fiber reinforced PP and PS in selected existing applications, by looking at the application requirements and not solely to material properties.

General purpose

Our standard PP S²PC 3545 with 35 wt% fibers has comparable properties to 20 wt% mineral filled PP.

The ‘natural foaming’ effect of the fibers helps to avoid ‘sink marks’ in thicker parts and reduces the density below 1 g/cc after processing into parts despite the 35 % loading with sunflower fibers.
Replacing PP has revealed cycle time reduction up to 50 % especially in large parts again offering overall cost reduction.
In comparison with other WPC is our material very easy processable and has a very even fiber distribution. No ‘tiger stripes’ are exhibited.
The polymer matrix of our compounds is currently polypropylene and exhibits similar shrinkage levels as filled polypropylene materials. However special grades have been developed with lower shrinkage levels equal to styrenic materials
Applications that do require impact resistance will be served by PP S²PC 3545 15IM16 or PP S²PC 3545 BO 10V34 impact modified grades. In Applications in need for increased stiffness and currently using glass fiber reinforced PP, the PP GF 40 has successfully been replaced with our PP S²PC 3545 GF 20- containing 35 % sunflower fibers and 20 % glass fibers.

Overview of the different available grades

Table 1: Overview of the different available grades

Table 1: Overview of the different available grades