Tomorrows Plants from Floramedia for soil-degradable labels

Floramedia with its brand Tomorrows Plants and Golden Compound present pioneering solution for environmentally friendly plant labelling

Together with Floramedia we are setting an example for sustainable garden design with an innovative product: biodegradable labels made from the biomaterial GC green 2012-91 MI T15. Made from natural raw materials such as sunflower seed hulls, biodegradable bioplastics and additives, these labels combine functionality with environmental protection.

Sustainability all down the line:

  • Biodegradable & recyclable: The labels decompose completely under the influence of microbes, water and UV radiation. Even if a label is forgotten in the flower pot, there is no need to worry about the environment. 
  • Saving resources: The production of the material requires less energy and shorter cycle times compared to conventional labels. 
  • Valuable raw materials: Sunflower seed hulls, a waste product from the food industry, are used as a base material. 
  • Compostable without deterioration: The labels decompose completely in compost and/or soil and have no negative impact on compost quality.

Versatility meets design:

  • Available in three practical forms: Round hanging, square hanging and for insertion, the labels offer the right variant for every application. 
  • Customised design: The naturally dark brown labels can be printed in white, offering plenty of space for information and creative designs. 

Working together for a sustainable future:

The development of the soil-degradable labels is the result of close cooperation between Golden Compound, a specialist in sustainable plastic compounds, and Floramedia, a company specialising in innovative garden products.

The soil-degradable labels from Golden Compound and Floramedia show how easy it can be to combine functionality with environmental protection. They are ideal for all gardening enthusiasts who value sustainability and resource-saving products. 

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