World Environment Day

World Environment Day: How our company is working to protect the environment while making life better for our employees.

Today is World Environment Day, and we at Golden Compound take our responsibility for our planet seriously. That's why we're excited to introduce our new home office program, which kicked off this year.

This program enables our employees to work from home two days a week. This has not only led to a reduction in CO2 emissions , but also to an improved work-life balance for our employees.

Climate protection results

By reducing commuting distances, our employees save valuable valuable time and resources..

e.g.: Let's say you've got an employee who drives 35 minutes each way to work every day. That's one hour of commuting time per day, which you can save by working from home.That adds up to two hours per week, which can amount to up to 100 hours per year !

This time-saving measure has a positive impact on the environment and also helps to de-stress our employees, which in turn improves their satisfaction..

Not for everyone, but many find it enriching.

Obviously, not every job is suited to working from home. Sometimes, it's essential to be in the office together. But it's important to consider each person's needs. Some employees love working from home, while others can't work in peace and quiet. That's okay! It's up to each person to decide what works best for them.

However, when it's possible, working from home has lots of advantages:

  • less CO2 emissions through reduced commuting
  • Improved work-life balance through flexible working hours and less time lost in traffic
  • Increased motivation and satisfaction of the employees
  • Improved concentration through a disruption-free working environment in the home office

Together for a better future

With our new home office program, we're sending a clear signal about climate protection and the health of our employees.We think this is an important step towards a sustainable future.

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