Sustainable biocomposites with sunflower seed hulls

For the past decade, we have been at the forefront of the plastics industry, pioneering the use of biocomposites in combination with sunflower seed shells.

Your benefits with Golden Compound

Save energy

Our materials require lower temperatures during processing, which results in significant cost savings for our customers in the manufacture of their products. Additionally, they can be used to shorten cycle times.

Saving resources

Sunflower seed hulls are a byproduct of the food industry. Their use in the plastics sector can help conserve valuable fossil resources.

Certified quality

Some of our products are certified by TÜV Austria. They meet the standards for OK-Compost-Home, OK-Compost-Industrial, OK-Biodegradable-Soil and OK-Biobased.


We have a strong network of international partners in the compounding, supply and production sectors. This enables us to respond to all your needs and find a solution together, from the initial idea to the finished product on the shelf.


Since 2014, we have been developing our biocomposites further. Our expertise enables us to provide you with the best formulation for your application.


Our materials are designed to minimise waste and reliance on fossil resources. In addition to recyclable GC Pro compounds, we have developed compostable and biodegradable GC Green compounds.

Our Products

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