GC green

Natural fiber materials with sunflower seed shells

Compost instead of plastic waste!

With GC green, the resource-saving, home-compostable or earth-degradable material with ground sunflower hulls, you can make an active contribution to protecting our environment.

Whether injection moulding or thermoforming,we have the right material for your application!

Benefits of GC green

100% Recyclable

Products made from our materials can be reprocessed and recycled.

Optimal processing

Our GC pro materials are optimized for injection molding, as well as extrusion.

Reduced cycle times

With GC pro you can reduce your process times and sustainably lower your costs.

No sink marks

Sunflower fibers have a lower specific density than mineral fillers or glass fibers - up to 20 % less mass is possible!

Certified quality

Our granules are not only biodegradable, but also compostable under normal composting conditions. We can prove this with certificates from TÜV Austria.

Reduced energy input

The processing temperature of our compounds is lower than that of conventional plastics due to the natural fiber of the sunflower seed shell. This saves power and can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

Certified colours

With our materials, we always strive for reasonable biodegradability. By nature, our material colors are dark brown opaque due to the sunflower seed fiber. To give you a colorful variety of colors we have developed 10 colors and had them certified with the OK-Compost-Home certificate of TÜV Austrias.

RAL 8004

RAL 8015

RAL 4004

Violett Brilliant
RAL 5022

Blue Brilliant
RAL 5003

Blue Grey
RAL 7031

Light Grey
RAL 7037

RAL 7002

Petrol Brilliant
RAL 6028

Olive Brilliant
RAL 6002


We focus on the soil degradability and home compostability of our materials. That is why we have them certified by TÜV Austria.

GC green
OK Compost Industrial

If you are interested in having your product certified, we can assist you.

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