Innovation through sustainable 6DC

Last week we already introduced our material GC pro Now we show what you can do with it great.

Last year at ArburgTechnology Days we were able to demonstrate and produce one of our GC pro materials together with Haidlmair The current Plastverarbeiter article is about this very product and what the future of 6-pack carriers might look like. This innovative 6DC (six drinks crate) is not only eye-catching, but also represents a turning point in the packaging industry.

Warum der 6er Träger?

A beverage carrier that not only looks stylish, but is also environmentally friendly and extremely durable. The 6DC sets new standards in the packaging world. Made from GC pro, a natural fiber material with sunflower seed shells, the carrier presents itself in a natural dark brown that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and impact resistant.

Efficiency and speed

However, the 6DC is not only impressive in terms of its appearance. Thanks to GC pro, the cycle time for the production of this carrier is significantly reduced. From the conventional 48 seconds to an impressive 34 seconds. This corresponds to an increase of almost 30%! This increase in efficiency is reflected not only in production time, but also in manufacturing costs.

6er Träger

Focus on sustainability

The use of GC pro goes beyond fast production. By processing sunflower seed shells, the material not only reduces the amount of waste, but also ensures lower energy consumption. GC pro's innovative approach thus creates an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for packaging. The carrier can be fully recycled, helping to conserve our resources.

Learnedfrom the bees

6er Träger

Another highlight of the 6DC is its optimized logistic behaviour. The carrier was specially designed so that it can be stacked excellently and placed on pallets over a wide area. This allows maximum space utilization and efficient use of the storage area. An important aspect that not only reduces production costs but also optimizes the entire logistics process.

Plastics instead of cardboard!

The 6DC made of GC pro stands for innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the packaging industry. What was previously sold in cardboard carriers can now be fed into the valuable recycling loop. With its attractive design, robustness and excellent material properties, it offers a modern solution for environmentally conscious packaging. We are proud to be part of this change and look forward to discovering more applications for our GC pro material.

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