Pottburri Reste im Freilandkasten

Convincing degradability!

In "Ideenreich in das Jahr 2023": DEGA GARTENBAU 01/2023, there is a very exciting article on the subject of #degradableplantpots. The Landwirtschafskammer Niedersachen conducted a test with the plant Chamaesyce and came to great results of the POTTBURRI.

We are very pleased that customers like POTTBURRI get along so well with the material and the pots made from Golden Compound's tools. Form-stable in the handling of the nurseries and completely degradable at the same time. According to the assessment of the LWK Niedersachsen, the pots can be marketed without restrictions. 💪 💪🥳

#sustainableagriculture #futureisnow #GCgreen #gogreen

***The full article can be found in the issue above on pages 29-31. ***