Biodegradable Products
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Plantable plant pot - the Natural Pot

The Natural Pot can be buried together with the plant. This can avoid culture shock, as the plant can grow out of the pot at its pace. These plant pots are made in common tools and already go through several cultures at different nurseries. They are fully tested in handling and have no problems with being processed by machine.

Biodegradable Labels

Labels that can be stuck in the ground, next to the plant without worry. The labels come in different sizes and shapes and they are printable.

Biodegradable Tray - Natural Tray

The Natural Tray can be produced in existing molds. Without leaving any traces, it can biodegrade or be recycled. The trays can be produced in different pot sizes and variations.

Home compostable coffee capsules

With our HOMEcap you can enjoy your coffee and do something good for nature at the same time. The home compostable coffee capsule for Nespresso systems brings the valuable nutrients of the coffee grounds to the compost without leaving plastic waste. The whole system, from capsule to sealing foil is certified by TÜV Austria mit dem OK-Compost-Home zertifiziert.

Sustainable coffee mug

The reusable cup is compostable and at the same time dishwasher safe. The cup is available in three different colors, all of which can be printed.

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