Compostable products

Plant pots

The plant pot from our GC green can be planted directly with. This saves the environment as much as the plant itself.

The plant pot is metabolized by microbes in the soil. Therefore, degradation takes place only under the influence of microbes, water and UV radiation.

Standard size: 12 pot

  • Weight: 30 g
  • Filling volume: 760 cm³
  • Stability during cultivation: approx. 1 year

Other sizes possible: 10.5 cm | 17 cm | 19 cm

GC green materials can also be used in your existing molds. So even individual sizes are possible.

GC green biologisch abbaubare Pflanztöpfe

Plant pot information

Our plant pots can be completely buried with the plant. This protects the roots of the plant, which do not have to suddenly adapt to a new environment, but can grow into it.


HOMEcap 3.0 coffee capsules

With us, the whole capsule system is home compostable. Both the capsule and the filter fleece are certified with the OK-Home-Compost certificate of TÜV Austria. Thus, after use, the coffee grounds can help the compost to valuable fertilizer and plant soil.

  • Empty weight: 2.2 g
  • Filling volume: 13 cm³
  • Max. coffee quantity: 6 g
  • Film weight: 59 g/m² or 78 g/m²

The HOMEcap 3.0 is compatible with all standard Nespresso® household coffee machines. fully compatibleSo there are no failures when ejecting and inserting the capsule and you benefit from the improved sealing and strong brewing performance.

heimkompostierbare Kaffeekapseln

Certified coffee capsule for the garden

A biodegradable coffee capsule only makes sense if it can also be decomposed on the home compost. That's why we've had our capsules awarded the OK-Compost-Home certificate by TÜV Austria. This means that the capsule can decompose on the home compost already at temperatures of 30°C. The reason for this are the microbes in the soil, the oxygen and just the temperature on the home compost.

GC green
OK Compost Industrial

Certified colours

With our materials, we always strive for reasonable biodegradability. By nature, our material colors are dark brown opaque due to the sunflower seed fiber. To give you a colorful variety of colors we have developed 10 colors and had them certified with the OK-Compost-Home certificate of TÜV Austrias.

RAL 8004

RAL 8015

RAL 4004

Violett Brilliant
RAL 5022

Blue Brilliant
RAL 5003

Blue Grey
RAL 7031

Light Grey
RAL 7037

RAL 7002

Petrol Brilliant
RAL 6028

Olive Brilliant
RAL 6002

kompostierbare Mehrwegbecher

Reusable - coffee mug

The coffee mug from our GC green is an absolute prodigy. It is not only sustainable and compostable, but also dishwasher safe. In addition, there is also the possibility for cup-to-cup recycling.
  • Height: 13.7 cm
  • max. diameter: 9.7 cm
  • Bottom diameter: 5.6 cm
  • Weight: 240 g
  • Filling: 300 ml
  • max. filling quantity: 380 ml

Available three colors: gray-brown, purple-violet and sapphire blue.

Printing is also possible.


Reusable cup information

reduce - reuse - recycle

Our GC reusable cup combines it all:

By reducing the amount of plastic by means of the sunflower seed shells, multiple use and recycling as an end of life option, this reusable cup is a sustainable alternative. In addition, it is dishwasher safe and even compostable at the end.

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