Biodegradable Plant Pot

Natural Pots*

The plant pot made of our GC green materials can be planted directly with. This saves the environment as much as the plant itself.

The plant pot is metabolized by microbes in the soil. Therefore, decomposition takes place only under the influence of microbes, water and UV radiation. Thus, the decomposition process already begins in small steps at the nursery and finally ends in your garden.

Standard size: 12 pot

  • Weight: 30 g
  • Filling volume: 760 cm³

Other sizes available:

7 cm | 10.5 cm | 15 cm | 17 cm | 19 cm  

20 cm | 23 cm | 27 cm | 29 cm

GC green materials can also be used in your existing molds. So even individual sizes are possible.


Plant pot information

Our plant pots can be completely buried with the plant. This protects the roots of the plant, which do not have to suddenly adapt to a new environment, but can grow into it.


* The Natural Pot is a plant pot without contents.

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