GC green 71 MI T30

Dishwasher-safe and compostable: the new future of packaging!

Wir setzen mit der Entwicklung des innovativen Materials GC green 71 MI T30 neue Maßstäbe in der Herstellung nachhaltiger Verpackungslösungen. Das Material ist einzigartig, denn es vereint Geschirrspültauglichkeit mit vollständiger Erdabbaubarkeit. Es bietet somit eine zukunftsweisende Alternative zu konventionellen fossilen Materialien. 

Proven technology meets future-orientated further development

We've already made a name for ourselves with our reusable cups made from GC green material based on sunflower seed husks and organic PBS. These products are built to last, with a durability that can withstand up to 500 dishwasher cycles. When they're done, you can either recycle them or compost them at home. But we didn't stop there. We developed a solution that doesn't require a two-component solution, but can be used in its entirety.

GC Green 71 MI T30: The new formula makes it perfect for lots of different uses.

We've made some changes to the GC green material to make it suitable for a wider range of products. In GC green 71 MI T30, we've avoided using sunflower seed husks. These tend to swell in thick-walled products and provide stability, but they're not ideal for thin-walled products like coffee cups that are exposed to high temperatures in the dishwasher.

Biodegradable and recycling: the good stuff for people and the planet

The use of earth-degradable materials that are also recyclable is the better choice over fossil materials. They offer numerous advantages: 

  • Reduction of waste and conservation of resources: soil-degradable materials decompose naturally after their useful life, reducing waste and conserving resources. 
  • Recovery of recyclable materials and circular economy: Recyclable materials enable the recovery of valuable raw materials that can be used to manufacture new products. This contributes to the establishment of a sustainable circular economy. 
  • Eco-friendly disposal: The biodegradability and recyclability of GC green 71 MI T30 minimise the environmental impact of packaging waste. 

Versatile application options and easy processing

GC green 71 MI T30 is characterised by its light beige colour, which can be customised by using the 10 certified home compostable masterbatches. The material is free from plasticisers and BPA and is therefore suitable for direct contact with food. It can be used in existing production processes without any problems and even enables cycle reductions.  

The material is suitable for the manufacture of HOMECARE products and can be obtained from Global Innovations company. It is also suitable for a wide range of other applications and therefore offers a broad spectrum of possible uses.

Mit GC green With GC green 71 MI T30, we are shaping the future of the packaging industry in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Together, we are driving the development of innovative and resource-saving solutions and making an active contribution to protecting our environment. 

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