HOMEcap High Barrier: The Future of Coffee Capsules

Revolutionary developments in the coffee industry! Our latest product, the HOMEcap high barriersets new standards for eco-friendly coffee enjoyment. As pioneers in the field of sustainable biomaterials, we have created a Nespresso capsule that not only preserves the delicious coffee experience but also benefits our environment.

Home Compostable Coffee Capsules as a Future Trend

The future of the coffee capsule market is clearly heading towards home composting. Conventional single-use capsules made of aluminum or plastic cannot be considered sustainable as they are difficult to recycle. Currently, many capsules are only industrially compostable, meaning they break down under artificial conditions, such as high temperatures of 60°C. In contrast, home compostable capsules break down at natural conditions of 20-30°C, achievable in a typical compost heap. This makes them the eco-friendly choice as they are made from renewable raw materials and leave no harmful residues in nature.

HOMEcap High Barrier: Sustainable and Certified

Our HOMEcap high barrier is made from the innovative GC green material and sets a milestone in sustainability. It proudly carries the OK-Compost-Home certificate by TÜV Austrias, confirming its full home compostability. This means it can be composted in your own compost heap, thus alleviating the environment.

HOMEcap high barrier mit OK-Compost-Home zertifiziert

Impressive Barrier Properties for the Best Flavor

The HOMEcap high barrier stands out for its impressive barrier properties. It keeps your coffee fresh and aromatic while simultaneously protecting our planet. The capsule is available in various colors and can be printed on without compromising quality. Thus, it offers not only sustainable enjoyment but also individual customization options.

Large-scale Production to Meet Growing Demand

Thanks to our partnership with the ALPLA Group we can produce the HOMEcap High Barrier in large volumes to meet the increasing demand. Already being filled in production by our coffee partner Amann Kaffee and distributed by Blue Circle Trading , the capsule is now available. Start your journey to sustainable coffee enjoyment today with the HOMEcap high barrier.

Let's shape the future of coffee enjoyment together - a cup of coffee sustainably, deliciously, and responsibly.

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