Industrial packaging

More precisely, it is about the many possible applications of our compounds in industrial packaging. In addition to pallets, these also include a wide variety of box and folding crate designs.

Our GC pro consists of conventional polyolefins, which are treated with sunflower seed shells This results in a considerable reduction of the plastic content, which not only brings advantages in the processing procedures but also in the wallet. Due to the sunflower seed shell, our compounds have to be processed at much lower temperatures than pure plastics. This means that we benefit from energy savings and shorter cycle times. In addition, the sunflower seed shell has a super eco-balance, which can also be reflected in emission certificates.

We were already able to prove the good processability last year at the Arburg Technology Days, because there we developed a bottle carrier with the company Haidlmair vorgestellt.

Industrieverpackung Haidlmair 6er Träger neues Design

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