Sustainability and design don't go together?

Stabilo Grow

Oh yes it does!

This is exactly what the new STABILO Grow fountain pen shows, with our compound bringing its positive properties to bear. STABILO has set itself the goal of using renewable raw materials and saving CO₂ at the same time.

Durch den Einsatz unseres Compounds By using our compound in the cap of the filler, 35% of conventional plastic can be saved. In addition, there are still positive CO₂ influences from the sunflower seed shell itself, as it is a waste product of the food industry. Renewable raw materials combined with enormous durability that also save quite a bit of CO₂ at the same time. That's innovative and sustainable!

The new fountain pens come in three beautiful natural-bound colors. Whether blueberry blue and beech, moss green and oak or plum red and cherry. Each pen is unique due to its special grain and is the perfect companion for school, university or the office.

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