Thermoforming with GC green

We have worked, tinkered and tried out for a long time. Now we are finally ready to present you our GC green thermoforming materials!

This material is the perfect choice for those who want to make environmentally friendly outdoor and home care products. It is sturdy and durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use and can be easily composted after use without harming the environment. 🌿

With our GC green 1091 MI T6 and our GC green 1591 MI T6 we have developed two new materials that are super suitable for thermoforming. So far, we have been able to test this mainly in the area of plant pots and are very proud of the results.

Anzuchttray tiefgezogen

Benefits of our thermoforming materials

Our thermoforming materials from GC green have the advantage that they are completely biodegradable after use. This is also given under completely natural conditions and temperatures. Since we do not work with PLA, which is only industrially compostable (i.e. at approx. 60°C), our base polymers even manage to degrade at 20-30°C.

But you don't have to be afraid that the material will decompose too quickly. With small adjustments in the formulation, we can also achieve longer service lives. Depending on what exactly is needed.

At the same time, our materials are always recyclable. Thus, the unused shells can be reused 1:1, as well as the residual materials in the thermoforming process.

Recyclingfähige Tiefziehmaterialien

At Golden Compound, we are proud to contribute further to a more sustainable future and look forward to putting this great new material into the hands of companies looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. 🌱💚

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