Climate protection is tree protection

Unfortunately, our forests are under threat and it's up to us to protect them. Climate change, deforestation and pollution are having a huge impact on the state of our forests. That's why it's so important that we take action to protect the climate and preserve our forests.

We especially want to advocate for #treeprotection of young plants. You've probably seen tree protection collars used to protect young trees, especially from wildlife. Often these cuffs are made of conventional plastic, as there have been few alternatives for them. However, when these cuffs become brittle, there are probably very few people who will pick them up and return them to the proper waste system. So how about biodegradable plastics that can provide protection for the tree until they decompose on the ground. This natural cycle ensures that #nomicroplastics end up in our forests. 🌻 🌻

So let's celebrate the International Day of Forests today and remember how important it is to protect our forests and trees. Whether through reforestation, environmentally conscious behavior, or political involvement, each of us can make a contribution. Together, we can protect our forests and thus our future. 

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