Biodegradable materials: the power of knowledge sharing for a sustainable future

In a world where sustainability is increasingly important, we at Golden Compound are proud to play a role in shaping a greener future. Our recent collaboration with students from the HAWK (University of Applied Sciences and Arts) has shown how important it is to talk about new developments in the world of biodegradable materials and to increase the acceptance of these innovations.

The path to sustainability begins with education

The students Mira Jasmin Feltgen, Anita Kirck, Thore Friemelt and Carolin Baaske started an exciting research project on the topic of "biodegradable materials". They wanted to find out how the perception and evaluation of such materials changes as a result of increased knowledge and knowledge exchange. In collaboration with subjects from the HAWK Faculty of Design, they organized an intensive research workshop in which Golden Compound's plant pots and GC Green granulate played an important role.

The value of sharing knowledge

The results of the workshop were presented in an innovatively designed poster. The conclusion was clear: there is still a lot to do in the sustainability industry. However, the acceptance of biodegradable plastics is growing as more people talk about them and learn more about them. It is not only important to talk about these materials, but also to spread knowledge about them and promote dialogue.


Why is knowledge sharing important?

  1. Awareness: Most people do not know enough about biodegradable materials. By sharing knowledge, misunderstandings can be cleared up and misinformation corrected.

  2. Encourage innovation: When scientists, students and companies like Golden Compound share their knowledge, it can lead to new ideas and innovations. New solutions to environmental problems are found more quickly.

  3. Building community: Sharing knowledge creates a community of people interested in sustainability and environmental protection. Together we can achieve more.

Ausstellung an der HAWK

Agreat success

According to the students, the exhibition of their research project was a complete success. In addition to the prepared research workshop and its evaluation, the annual HAWK Design exhibition was an important part of the project.

We are convinced that the future is in our hands and that we can create a more sustainable world through education and knowledge exchange. We are grateful for the collaboration with the students of HAWK and look forward to further opportunities to shape the future together.

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