Innovative thermoforming materials with GC green 1091 MI T6 and GC green 1591 MI T6

Revolutionary developments in the thermoforming industry. We are introducing our thermoforming materials GC green 1091 MI T6 and GC green 1591 MI T6. These innovative materials are revolutionizing the packaging industry by not only meeting the highest packaging standards, but also making a significant contribution to reducing global plastic waste.

GC Green 1091 MI T6 and GC green 1591 MI T6: Pioneers of sustainability

Our thermoforming material is a testament to our sustainability efforts. It has impressive properties such as complete compostability and recyclability. Ideally suited for the production of trays and packaging, especially for plants in DIY stores, this material sets new standards for environmentally friendly packaging.

The outstanding feature of complete home compostability means that this packaging can be safely thrown on the compost heap after use, where it naturally decomposes into organic components. What remains is not only carbon and water, but also valuable biomass. In this way, a closed natural cycle is supported and at the same time it can be recycled in a separate recycling cycle, provided that the decomposition process has not yet progressed too far.

Empowering a sustainable future: More than just plant trays

Until now, the materials have been used primarily for plant trays, but our compostable thermoforming materials promise a wider range of packaging solutions. The versatility of our biodegradable thermoforming materials allows them to be adapted to different applications to meet the individual requirements of different industries.

The possibilities are endless. These materials can be molded into packaging solutions for a wide range of products, while adhering to the principles of sustainability. From electronics to food, GC Green thermoforming materials offer a sustainable alternative that does not compromise on quality and functionality.

Protect valuable content

At the heart of GC Green thermoforming materials is bio-PBS as a base, complemented by sunflower seed hull meal and mineral fillers. This powerful combination makes our thermoforming materials an environmentally conscious choice for packaging that not only supports environmental protection, but also prioritizes the safety and quality of the packaged products.

In addition, the properties of our thermoforming materials can be modified to make them ESD-capable. This modification makes it possible to protect particularly sensitive products. This also includes products with electronic components.

Thermoforming materials for a green future

With our materials, we continue to be at the forefront of innovation, steering the industry toward a future where sustainable packaging is not just a possibility, but a reality. Our GC Green Series thermoforming materials are an important step toward a more sustainable packaging world. By continuing to research and innovate, we envision a world where packaging not only protects the environment, but also cares for it.

Let's take this environmentally conscious journey together and make sustainable choices that protect both our products and the world we live in.

For inquiries and further discussion on how GC Green thermoforming materials can transform your packaging solutions, you are welcome to contact us.Together, we are shaping a greener and more sustainable future.

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