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Compostable products and sustainability: TÜV Austria's OK Compost certificates in focus

In this day and age of growing environmental awareness and sustainability, the importance of compostable products is becoming increasingly important. These products help to reduce the ecological footprint and the impact on our environment. The certificates of the renowned TÜV Austria provide reliable guidance in this regard. In this article, we take a closer look at TÜV Austria's OK Compost certificates for compostable products and focus on the OK Compost Home certificate for home composting.

The importance of compostable products

Compostable products play a crucial role in reducing waste and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. They are designed to break down into natural components under controlled conditions without leaving harmful residues. A reliable way to ensure that products are indeed compostable is through certification by recognized organizations such as the TÜV Austria.

OK-Compost certificates from TÜV Austria

TÜV Austria is a respected institution when it comes to quality and environmental standards. In the field of composting, TÜV Austria awards two important certificates: OK-Compost-Home and OK-Compost-Industrial. While both certificates must meet strict criteria, we would like to focus first on the OK-Compost-Home certificate, which was developed specifically for home composting.

OK-Compost-Home: Sustainability for the home garden

The OK-Compost-Home certificate by TÜV Austria is a seal of quality that guarantees that a product can be rotted in home composting facilities. In contrast to industrial composting, which works with artificially elevated temperatures, home composting takes place at natural temperatures of 20-30°C. This means that products with the OK Compost Home certificate can be decomposed in your own garden compost without affecting the natural processes.

Certification provides consumers with assurance that the compostable products they use actually make a positive contribution to the environment. Focusing on home composting not only reduces the individual environmental footprint, but also promotes environmental education.

OK-Compost-Industrial: Environmentally friendly solutions on a larger scale

In addition to the OK-Compost-Home certificate, TÜV Austria also offers the OK-Compost-Industrial certificate, which is designed to meet the requirements of industrial composting. This form of composting takes place under controlled conditions, including elevated temperatures to ensure fast and efficient decomposition. The rigorous certification ensures that products bearing the OK Compost Industrial seal meet the high standards of industrial composting, helping to minimize environmental impact.

Industrial composting is very important to process large amounts of organic waste. However, it should also be noted that certified industrial compostable products only decompose in this very environment. In nature, these products usually behave in the same way as conventional plastics and only decompose after several decades or even centuries if the product is particularly thick.


Conclusion: Sustainability through certificates

The OK-Compost certificates of TÜV Austria are a trustworthy orientation aid for compostable products. In this context, the OK-Compost-Home certificate underlines the importance of home composting, which is carried out in harmony with natural processes. This helps to make everyday life more sustainable and reduce the burden on the environment. By choosing compostable products with the TÜV Austria certificate, we all contribute to a greener future.

We also rely on the TÜV Austrias certifications for our materials. That is why we have already certified five of our GC green compounds that have been awarded the OK-Compost-Home or OK-Biodegradable-Soil. Together, let's drive change by making conscious choices and harnessing the power of certificates to preserve our world for generations to come.

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